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I'm a college girl with big aspirations and a lot to say. I have a heart for design and an unreasonable love for dogs, especially mine. I'm a social media junkie and I don't think that's a bad thing. I'm addicted to making graphics...can you classify that as a hobby? If I didn't have all those things "adults" have to do, you know, responsibilities, I could spend hours on end searching through Pinterest for new patterns and up-and-coming design trends. I believe that everyone is inimitable and that they deserve to be branded that way. I want to one day help brands, individuals, and companies discover their own unique elements by creating first-class content that surpasses their objectives. Basically, my mission is to be the knot that ties brand and buyer together.


  1. I love reading, but I rarely finish a book

  2. I am a Keynote fanatic 

  3. I'm always really behind on viral videos and still think they're funny when everyone else has moved on with their life

  4. I'm always thinking the number 7 in the guessing game

  5. I hate when things aren't symmetrical 

  6. When I discover something new that I love, I obsess over it until something new comes around 

  7. I like ice cream (dairy free, save the cows) more than you do 

  8. Breakfast is my favorite meal

  9. The number 3 means a lot to me 

  10. I Google everything

  11. I refuse to spend any coined money 

  12. I love rolling the coins that I refuse to spend 

  13. When I get excited about something, it's all I can talk about

  14. I type lyk dis 2 mi closest friendz

  15. History has always been my most dreaded thing to learn about

  16. I love writing 

  17. I hate running more than anything, but I want to run a marathon (maybe just a mile)

  18. I’m an Aries and I read my horoscope on Cosmo, even though I know it doesn’t actually mean anything

  19. My biggest fear is water 

  20. This is why I will never step foot on a cruise 

  21. Nashville is my favorite city 

  22. I hope I get to live there one day