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I don't like to be vulnerable, but if I need this then I'm sure someone else does to:

Dear college girl whose world has been turned upside down because that boy decided to stop talking to you today.

Dear college girl who’s so confused about the future that you’re not even excited for it.

Dear college girl who feels completely alone on a campus filled with 20,000 people.

Dear college girl who cries in the shower so no one knows how unworthy you feel.

Dear college girl who’s still dealing with mean girls when you thought that would stop after high school.

Dear college girl who has been left out in the cold, all alone, and is waiting to be rescued.

Dear college girl that has no one to fall into anymore, because the people you thought would be your bridesmaids now pretend you don’t exist.

College girl, it sounds like life as you know it is over. There’s no reason to stay where you are. You might as well pack up. Go home.

But you should stay.

Don’t stay because you can’t get your tuition money back. Don’t stay because you can’t get out of an apartment lease.

Stay because you’re stronger than whatever or whoever you’re dealing with. You’re stronger than the things that knock you down right when you stand back up. You’re stronger than the people that pretended to be your best friend and now won’t even smile at you. You’re stronger than staying upside down just because someone turned you that way.

I know what it’s like. I know it’s hard. I know it’s not fun. I know that the last thing you want to do is stay and the last thing you want to hear is how strong you are. I know this because I’m not just writing this to you. I’m writing this to me.

You feel like you’ve been abandoned by everyone and you feel like you have no one to go to.

God will never abandon you. God will always hold you when you run to Him.

You feel like you have no one to talk to, no one to laugh with.

God always hears you. You can tell Him everything. You can laugh with Him.

You feel like you have no one to call even for something as simple as a trip to Target.

Put on a worship playlist and take Jesus with you. He’ll be with you every step you take in the store and He’ll be with you in the car on the way back home. He’ll even walk you to the door and go inside with you.

It’s easy to get into the routine of being sad. Sad is easy when you’re, well, sad. Optimism feels like the enemy when all you can see is darkness.

We all need to realize that life is only as dark as we let it dim. Flip the switch and turn the light back on. I know, it’s not as easy as literally flipping on a light switch. I wish it was, that would be great, but it’s just not. Happiness takes work and it takes time. For some it takes even more time.

The clock on the wall doesn’t stop ticking just because we do. Be the clock. Be the light switch. Keep ticking, even when you don’t want to. Turn on your light even when you want to sit in the dark.

Dear college girl that related to even just one thing I said, stay, tick, and be bright. Throw yourself into what makes you feel and feel all the feels. Feel your sad, but feel your happy more.

Dear college girl that needed to hear this, read it again. Read it until you can do it, because you will be able to do it.

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Unfortunately, we live in a modern world where people think that Snapchat is an acceptable form of communication- more like the only form of communication. If you want to be the person posting “looking forward to retirement” Snapchat stories when you’re 60 years old, be my guest, but I’ll be over here in the real world communicating with people’s entire face, not just their forehead. News flash, my eyes are down here.

Recently, I’ve been much more aware of the repercussions of giving into a social media addicted world. Relationships have become #goals. Hobbies have gone online. Distractions have increased. Dating has reached an all-time flatline. I never had a problem with this. Then, I was exposed to the confusion and vagueness of dating in a Snapchat dominated, informal, casual world.

Luckily, I’ve been reading Single, Dating, Engaged, Married by Ben Stuart. It’s a real eyeopener, let me tell you. I knew that I was annoyed, confused, and under-impressed by the new and not-so-improved process of dating, but I didn’t really know why until I started reading this book. It seems so obvious now.

Anything you say through a screen can be misinterpreted or misunderstood altogether. That is why a relationship should not begin on, my personal favorite, Snapchat.

He posted on his story, but he hasn’t responded to me. Does that mean he doesn’t like me?

He asked me to “hang out,” what does that mean?

I wonder how many other people he’s Snapchatting.

Here’s an idea. Get off Snapchat and none of it will matter. If someone has interest in you and a real intention of doing something about it, they should have the nerve to tell you so. Call me. Text me. Ask me on a date. Don’t Snapchat me and act like that’s a cute story to tell the grandkids.

And a side note. If you have that many questions about the guy, he’s just not the one. Concern yourself with yourself, not with someone that can’t find 30 whole seconds to respond to you.

The introduction of social media and online dating has significantly decreased the level of stability within a relationship.

Why does he follow that girl?

Why is she commenting on his picture?

They posted two pictures together, are they dating?

I’m going to post a Snapchat story to see if he’s on his phone…

None of this is normal and none of this is healthy! When you’re in a relationship, there should be the highest level of commitment. No one should fear that their partner is waiting for the next best thing to come around the corner. If he can’t even decide if he likes you or not, chances are, he’s not stable enough to be in a relationship anyway. Move on and let someone else deal with him.

Date with purpose or don’t date at all.

The purpose of dating is to find your spouse. The purpose of dating is not to have someone to take to your sorority’s formal. Date with purpose. Don’t waste someone’s time if you know you’re not in it for the long haul. Time is too precious to be thrown away.

If you’re not dating with purpose, be single with purpose.

Take yourself out. Do what you want. You don’t have to ask anyone! When I stopped pouting about being single and chose to rebuild what I base my worth on, I realized a whole lot more about life than I ever did in a relationship. Ben Stuart said it best, “You have to meet your Maker before you can meet your mate.” If you believe that the Lord made everything, then you better believe that He made singleness too, and He had a good reason for it. Grow closer to Him. Grow your love for Him. Grow your adoration for Him. Grow because He is the sun.

I don’t think that you’ll be single forever if you use Snapchat to talk to people, but I do think that you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache, confusion, and wasted time if you step back and think a little more like your parents did when they were dating. #bringbackcourting2019

There’s a simple fact I learned from Ben Stuart that should be plastered everywhere. Guys are scared to ask a girl on a date using the word date because he doesn’t want to seem too formal, but women would rather be asked on an actual date because “hanging out” causes too much confusion.

I have proudly not been a Snapchat user in a pretty long time now, and I can easily say I don’t miss it one bit.

Let’s all man-up and go make the world a little less confusing.

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Everyone has one (or two)things about them that are just a little different than everyone else. My “thing” just happens to be my heart.

I’m not a very serious person- I make jokes about pretty much everything, especially when it’s about me, so I’m kind of surprising myself sitting down and actually writing this. When something feels “off,” I typically stick to the basic “I just don’t feel good” line. I never really elaborate on what’s really wrong with me. I have something called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome which is caused by me having Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, a type of heart arrhythmia. Basically, my heart beats really, really fast.

I spent years “just not feeling good.” I spent years coming up with excuses to cancel plans because I couldn’t stand to go anywhere. I spent years feeling like I hadn’t slept in weeks. I spent years wondering why my heart did that “funny thing” sometimes. I spent years downplaying how I really felt.

It started as a stomach ache. A stomach ache turned Celiac Disease - turned year round sickness - turned dairy allergy - turned heart that beats 120+ laying down. It didn’t make sense. It got really bad. It was depressing to deal with. My own body was preventing me from living like a normal person. I couldn’t eat anything without getting sick and I couldn’t do anything without feeling like I had just run a marathon with the flu. I felt like I was broken.

It took almost four years to finally figure out what was causing all of these problems - my heart. My heart races no matter what I do, my blood pressure goes from high to low whenever it feels like it, and the room spins a few times a day. To make a long story short, when my heart was forming, it didn’t wire itself the right way. The heart’s electrical signals are supposed to start at the sinoatrial node, send signals all around, and in turn tell the heart to beat. My heart decided it did not want to be told to beat this way (I'm starting to think I got my personality from my heart). My heart inappropriately signals the nerves that increase the heart beat, and the nerves in my heart that are supposed to lower the heart’s rate do not work the way they should. IST is actually pretty rare. Fact: It’s also more common in females.

My mom once told me that your test is your testimony. She told me this when I was crying because of how “broken” my body was. Not being able to control your body is a really difficult thing to accept. I would try so hard to do the simplest things, and my body would just not respond. I felt incapable and helpless.

Funny story, I take the same heart medicine as my grandparents! Is that what you would call a small world?

It’s been a long road learning to accept myself the way I am, and I don't think I'm even done walking that road. I eat as clean as possible (if you count a whole box of Trader Joe's Gluten Free Joe-Joe's clean), workout as often as I can, and take more naps than a newborn. I’m still learning to manage all the things that come along with my heart complications, and I think that will always be a learning process for me.

All of this has taught me the importance of taking care of myself. That means a lot of different things. Having a personalized self-care routine is so important for everyone. Figure out what you can do on a daily basis to just make yourself happier. For me, that means saying no sometimes and staying in to rest. I love taking baths and reading a little before bed. I always use a body oil before I finally crawl in bed, and apply lavender essential oil to help me sleep. (Tip: the Olly Sleep Vitamins are my favorite too!).

All of this is just to say: take care of yourself. No matter what you see that’s “broken,” it’s all just a testimony. God has made you this way or made you feel this way for a reason. Maybe you're the one that will help someone get through the same thing you're dealing with one day. Everything physical, mental, emotional, and relational are all just a small part of your bigger story.

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In the wise words of the infamous reality star turned billion dollar business owner turned teen mom, Kylie Jenner, I've been like, realizing stuff. Like most people, when I came to college I had my eyes set on a completely different path than the one I'm walking right now. I pictured myself as a top-notch law mogul. A real Olivia Pope. Little did I know that those were not the cards I had been dealt.

Freshman year I struggled with knowing what I wanted to do with my life.I came to Auburn as an accounting major, and came back after summer break a PR major. No hate to my accountants out there, y’all are smart and good at math. Let me reiterate the necessity of being good at math. The day I walked into business calculus I knew I would not be entering into a love affair with accounting. Fast forward two semesters. you could say I experienced some soul searching (more like my parents were tired of me having my version of a mid-life crisis, and convinced me to make an appointment at my school’s career center). I’ll spare you the boring details of the million personality/career/interest assessments this search for the perfect major entailed, and just tell you that I am proud public relations girl these days (finally) (thank goodness).

I always associated the word passion with things like, “I’m passionate about kids,” or “I’m passionate about helping people.” From my own experience, I didn’t understand how someone could be passionate about what they were studying in school. I’ve always been the type to have fun playing around with different edits and to do some extreme amateur drawing here and there, but it wasn’t until this year that I discovered that you really can be passionate about your major.

My interest in PR turned into a love that turned into an obsession. A ~passion.~ As a person that can’t sit still for more than 15 minutes without tapping my foot and getting distracted, it speaks volumes when I say that I can sit on my computer totally immersed in creating new designs and graphics for hours. To me, PR is more than just what I’m studying in college. I have found PR to mean escape, creativity, revolution. Design and branding are not just the creation of a new logo or a new website. The branding of a company, an individual, a brand is a uniquely written story read through graphics, fonts, colors, strategies, and every single element you see on a website, billboard, business card.

The PR backbone of a brand is hard to appreciate if you can’t see that deep into a strategy. That’s the beauty in it - PR is seen by all, but only understood by some.

Welcome to the path I am now walking on. (I should say running - sprinting - full speed ahead) I can’t get enough of design, so come along on my PR journey and see where I end up ending up.

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